Your home should reflect you and your family. Be bold instead of going with the masses. You only live once. So make it count.

Wallpaper – We have a selection of fine wallpaper books to peruse. Let us know in advance as to your personal preference e.g. chinoiserie, abstract shapes, or plants, or birds and animals, or just patterns; there are so many to choose from. We love Black Fabrics Harlequin wallpapers that have lots of thought and incredible detail put into them. Wallpaper widths differ from 520, 686 to over 1m in width. Try stylelibrary’s website to inspire you. We install for your peace of mind.

Upholstery – The impact that great fabric has on used furniture cannot be overstated. Correct fabric choices and combinations can bring a level of sophistication, happiness, calmness and sportiness, depending on your preference, to your used furniture. So think again before offloading that precious imbuia, teak or rosewood chair…Come talk to us about making old, new. We have a small library of upholstery fabrics in store.

NMC Skirtings and Cornices – Add that finesse to your home with high quality styrene and high density styrene from NMC. Install it yourself or use our in-house installation service. Our staff are trained by NMC. The skirtings are not affected by brooms, moisture, borer, termites, etc. There also dado rails available. Some cornices like the IL4 allow for LED strip lighting. Pop in to have a look at our in-store range. We do not hold stock but order as requested.

Rugs – Our very own Indian Cotton rugs are 100% cotton, vegetable dyed, stone washed and machine washable. Some colour will come off on the first few cycles but will then stabilise. Lovely by bed sides and under tables and coffee tables. Fabric houses also keep their own selection of rugs.