Repair Centre

Bring your blinds in for repairs and save yourself a call out charge.

Kindly notify us before you bring the blind in as we need to agree a return date of the blinds.

We do not keep parts and order in the parts from Johannesburg (Luxaflex) or locally.Parts could take up to 3 days to arrive depending on availability. We do not have a dedicated staff member to repair blinds as yet so we have to allocate time to a team member.

We repair and fix the following blinds

  1. Venetians
    1. replace broken slats (if possible)
    2. re-string ladder tape
    3. re-string lift cord
    4. replace lift mechanism
    5. replace tilter mechanism
    6. replace valance
    7. replace valance clips
    8. servicing includes only the following:
      1. clean slats
      2. wash strings where possible (wood blinds are not recommended)
      3. spray tilt and lift cord mechanisms
      4. remove knots from lift cord
      5. replace tassels
  2. Roller Blinds/Twist/Silhouette
    1. replace chains with stainless steel, nickel coated chains, continuous cords
    2. wash blinds where possible
    3. replace brackets
    4. replace controls
    5. replace motors
    6. replace remotes
  3. Duette Blinds-Honeycomb
    1. Wash and clean
    2. Replace lift cords
    3. Replace lift mechanisms where possible
    4. Replace brackets
    5. Replace motorisation
  4. Vertical Blinds
    1. Replace slats
    2. Replace track mechanism
    3. Replace tracks
    4. Replace bottom weights
    5. Replace bottom chains
    6. Washing of certain fabrics is viable but not all
  5. We do not repair Roman blinds