Talk to us about how you can maximise the usage of your patio area.

Often, we are weary to use the patio areas as it is either too hot or too windy and in some cases privacy becomes an issue. There are many options to make your outdoor time more pleasurable and memorable. Our products are of high quality and carry warranties from 1 to 5 years depending on supplier.

How to choose?

If you live in an estate or apartment block, it is preferable to first check the Body Corporate rules regarding awnings that are allowed. Some awnings require architectural drawings and council approval, especially aluminium awnings.

Patios can use fold arm awnings, vertical awnings, pergolas and stand-alone awnings. Click on the menu to view the various options or call us to setup an appointment at our store.

We are distributors of Markilux products for the KZN area. You can visit the Markilux website to view the various options available. Use the Markilux website to fill in your contact details and product preference or you can contact us directly at 031-312-9449 or 084-837-4471 or

We also are distributors for Luxaflex awnings and Ventolite Awnings